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Become a Seller on meebid.com

Meebid is a platform that wants to help bring you and your store online via our marketplace. It's time to flood your store with more interested buyers! $0 Fees and only a Monthly Subscription with no contract.

Antique Store Level: 300 Item BIN Store - 2 Yearly Auctions - $0 Fees - $25.00 Monthly Sub

Multi-Vendor Mall Level: 500 Item Bin Store - 12 Yearly Auctions - $0 Fees - $50.00 Monthly Sub

Estate Sale Company Level: 1000 Item Bin Store - 52 Yearly Auctions - $0 Fees - 5% BP - $100.00 Monthly Sub

Choose any level and get started by emailing us what you would like to do. We will be here every step of the way in case you need to ask questions and we will help you start and complete your first auction at no charge. We are a Team!

Become a Seller