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Meebid Online Marketplace is a multivendor marketplace showcasing American made goods and products. You will also find off the beaten path Antique stores, thrift stores, flea markets and farmers market vendors bringing their items online.  

Meebid Online Marketplace will give your business an online presence with full selling capabilities. It's time to find and convert more interested buyers with $0 Fees and only a Monthly Subscription with no contract!

No Weather issues, No gas, booth or labor costs OPEN 24/7 365 and also on leap year!

Grow your online following and reach those customers that move away with shipping or require a visit with pickup only.

Accept and control payments via your Stripe, or PayPal accounts.

  Individual Auctions:     $45.00 Each


  Small Store:               $18.00 Monthly Subscription/100 Item Buy It Now Store

  Average Store:           $33.00 Monthly Subscription/500 Item Buy It Now Store w/1 free Auction monthly.

  Large Volume Store:  $75.00 Monthly Subscription/Unlimited Everything & 5% Buyers Premium!


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